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Finding the right care just got easier. Creativ Health offers holistic medicine practitioners online. After signing up, you select your specific provider from the 4 categories of practitioners and book an appointment.

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holistic integrative health practitioner
Trained and Licensed naturopathic and functional medicine doctors
Trained practitioners registered with various associations holding PhD, Masters, Bachelors or certificates in Natural, Alternative, Complementary, Integrative or Natural medical modalities.
Trained practitioners such as coaches, fitness and personal trainers as well as health practitioners who hold a certificate in their expertise with no link to an affiliated association or board.
Trained and licensed allopathic and traditional doctors

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  •  Certified Practitioner
    Andrej Karnicar, Energetic Healing Practitioner
    Andrej Karnicar
    Mindset and energetic healing to lead a purposeful life

  •  Certified Practitioner
    Certified Kine-Orthotherapy Practitioner
    Caro Côté
    Focus on Women's Health with Kine-Orthotherapy

  •  Licensed Practitioner
    Mary Darden, Integrativ Oncology Nurse Practitioner
    Mary Darden
    Integrative care for health and well being with natural remedies and changes in lifestyle

  •  Registered Practitioner
    Orestis Panoulas, Registered Practitioner
    Oresits Panoulas
    Optimizing sports performance by aligning your life & well-being!

  •  Certified Coach
    Rachelle Nadeau, Wellness Advocate
    Rachelle Nadeau
    Empowering others to own your health, your body knows!

  •  Holistic Practitioner
    Sherell Edwards, Herbalist with a Doctorate in Education in Healthcare
    Sherell Edwards
    Coaching clients with hypertension and diabetes to establish optimum health

  •  Certified Practitioner
    Women's Health Certified Practitioner for UTI healing
    Stephanie Gendron
    Focus on Women's Health for healing from Urinary Tract Infections

  •  Licensed Practitioner
    Functional Nutritionist and Medicine Specialist
    Tiffany Balin
    Functional Nutritionist focusing on Gut Health & Genomics

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